Our Fair Treat Philosophy & Stories

MFC's Fair Treat Philosophy

Our philosophy has only winners. From start to finish in the value chain, everyone gets their fair share, from farmer to final consumer. Farmers at the beginning of the chain get paid a premium on top of the regular price of their product, and in the process we work together wherever possible to build a better future locally. We are choosy about our partners – after all, our philosophies must be a match – and we also ensure fair products at fair prices for our customers and end consumers.

Through this philosophy, we build solid value chains with partners with whom we create Fair Treat stories together. Below are some examples of these Fair Treat stories where people and the environment are central.

Fair Treat stories

Fair Treat Story #

Brazil nuts from the Brazilian Amazon

Brazil nuts grow deep in the Amazon on trees 4-60 meters tall and are not easy to obtain for locals. This value chain begins in protected Amazonian areas where protection of traditional communities and the jungle are central.
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Maca, the Peruvian superfood good for consumer and farmer

Having been discovered centuries ago in Peru, its popularity is now growing significantly in Europe.
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Acai from the Amazon m

Not only a very healthy superfood for consumers, but also a product that combats deforestation and gives communities new life.
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Organic and sustainable cocoa from Peru

Our carefully handled cocoa comes from Peru. A value chain mindful of women’s rights, eliminating child labor, and preserving local culture.
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Quinoa: regenerative agriculture and living income

Climate change threatens the livelihood of small quinoa farmers in Bolivia’s highlands. It is expected that 40% of agricultural land will be unusable within 5 years. From our Fair Treat Philosophy, MFC offers a better perspective.
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Sustainable cashews from Tanzania

Cashew is one of Tanzania’s biggest exports. However, little value remains in the country itself. Read how Monchy Food Company is reducing carbon emissions and moving toward a livable income for all farmers and employees involved.

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