Quinoa from the Bolivian highlands

Climate change threatens the livelihood of small quinoa farmers in Bolivia's highlands. It is expected that 40% of agricultural land will be unusable within 5 years. From our Fair Treat Philosophy, MFC offers a better perspective.

Better harvest for the farmer through sustainable agriculture

Quinoa provides income and employment for 15,000 local families in the Bolivian Altiplano and is the only crop that can be grown under these extreme climatic conditions. Shift to regenerative agriculture is needed to support farmers and their families with a livable income. In collaboration with local soil scientists, we increase yield per acre using various environmentally friendly methodologies. Thus, we are developing a circular methodology where the quinoa farmer is able to generate a higher income.

In short, the move to regenerative agriculture is essential for the survival of the Bolivian quinoa farmer. In doing so, we not only maintain healthy soil that will allow quinoa to continue to be grown in the long term, but we also increase the productivity of the crop - and thus more income for the farmer and his family

MFC's quinoa thus contributes to a healthy agricultural culture and higher income for the farmer. And not only does the farmer increase his income through more productive farming, we also ensure that the farmer receives a fair price for his quinoa.

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