Traceable cocoa that really makes an impact

Our carefully handled cocoa comes from Peru. A value chain mindful of women's rights, eliminating child labor, and preserving local culture.

A comprehensive accompanying agricultural program and year-round quality cocoa

Our cocoa value chain is one that aligns perfectly with the MFC philosophy. Committed for more than 30 years to establishing and continuously improving a sustainable cocoa value chain. With a strong focus on traceability and quality, it manages to make significant impact with more than 15,000 member farmers while ensuring product quality to the customer.

Because of the good connection with all farmers and stakeholders, it is clear where the needs are. For example, many trainings are given, including in sustainable farming techniques to improve productivity, strengthening the cocoa tree naturally, as well as teaching the ancient indigenous language to prevent its extinction.

Other activities include facilitating access to water, agricultural tools and medical care, empowering women in the cocoa industry, building a future free of child labor, and more.

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